Sonntag, 4. August 2019

A guided walk through Munichs Maxvorstadt

Today I was lucky enough to partake on a guided walk through Munichs central borough Maxvorstadt, "suburb of Max". It was planned by King Maximilian I. Joseph (hence the name) and built by King Ludwig I. and offers a home to various museums, universities and amazing architecture.

We started at my favorite museum, Lenbachhaus at Königsplatz. The garden is accessible without admission. We learned a lot about his founder, the 19th century painter Franz von Lenbach.

Very fascinating is the more recent history of the borough during the Third Reich. Hitler used the monuments of the 19th Century to impress the people by staging himself as  a leader. Some of it I already knew but some was completely new for me.

Robert Harris' novel "Munich" is situated in Maxvorstadt and I attended a reading with the author in the original Hitler building, now the Music Conservatory.

Some of the Third Reich building/sites are not marked and we were discussing the balancing act for the city to remember the horrors and their victims but not providing a place of pilgrimage for neo-nazis.

I enjoyed it immensely and can't wait to visit some of the places with more time.

I just love the color, even if it's not an original feature.

A door on Richard-Wagner-Straße

Film College and (not on picture) the Egyptian Museum

Propylaea on Königsplatz, inspired by the Acropolis.

Church St. Bonifaz

The black Madonna of St. Bonifaz, lighting a candle.

inside St. Bonifaz, which was rebuilt after the war.

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2019

Wonky Heidi returns to Cambridge

Many, many moons ago (around 2002) I lived in Cambridge and worked for an US bookstore chain. It was a great adventure and I learned so much during those 18 months. I've met countless, inspiring people from all over the world and my life was enriched by it.  I would recommend to anyone to go out into the world and experience other cultures and mindsets. 
I'm also very saddened that this might not be possibly anymore after Brexit. What a great loss to the people of Europe!

I've not been back for at least 13 years but on Tuesday I met up with a great friend and former colleague to walk down memory lane. 

We ambled across the market, past King's College to the river, had lunch at the Baron of Beef and reminisced.

Mine's a bangers and mash, please! Thank you very much!

 Our bookshop has been replaced by a bargain chain with greige walls! This is where I used to ring up purchases:

Cambridge felt strangely familiar and totally foreign at the same time. I can't believe how much has changed over the years but it is always worth a visit.

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2019

Wonky Heidi does London 2019 - Part 4

On Monday I met a friend and her little boy to visit Kew Gardens. I love Kew and this time made sure I planned in plenty of time. It's a huge park and an UNESCO World Heritage site. It's got plenty of cafe's, picknick areas and of course gift shops.

We visited the new Children's Garden which proved really popular with the 4-year-old but passed on the hot & humid Palm House.

The Hive is a big metal sculpture symbolizing a bee hive, which you can walk around in and listen to the humming of the bees. I still find it as impressive as when I first saw it, 2 years ago.

After three hours my friends had to leave so I made my own way to the Temperate House, which has been painstakingly restored and is an absolute must.

At the moment they are showing a sculpture exhibition bei glass artist Dale Chihuly. His pieces are dotted around the park, flowerbeds, meadows and green houses. Before I saw them in real life I couldn't imagine it but Kew is the perfect gallery and I loved them. 

They fit in really organically.

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019

Wonky Heidi does London 2019 - Part 3

On my third morning I walked up to Little Venice. It must be close to 20 years since my last visit. It's bit of a hidden gem, something you wouldn't expect in a megacity like London. People actually live on the boats. As it was early it was a bit quiet, but during the day you can book river tours and have coffees on a boat. 

Then I visited the Sir John Soane's Museum, which was recommended to me. Sir John (1753-1837), a famous architect,  bought three adjoining houses and rebuilt them to be his home, offices and to house his collections.

Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos (hrmph!), so check it out here:

I found it really interesting, if slightly claustrophobic and cluttered.

Afterwards I walked to the Tate Modern, where I had planned to join one of the free guided tours, but I was too exhausted and had to rest with a drink and some crisps, doing some sketching.

Montag, 17. Juni 2019

Wonky Heidi does London 2019 - Part 2

My second day in London took me to one of my favorites, the London Transport Museum. This is the queue just before opening.

I don't know what exactly appeals to me but I have been several times already.

At the moment they're having a great exhibition showing the entrants for the Poster Prize for Illustration 2019: London Stories. I loved all of them!

Then, an unbelievable treat: My friend Nu took me to have Afternoon Tea at Harrods Tea Room. It was a great experience from start to finish. The staff was lovely and went out of their way to help us.

Pieces of art!

Well, they did ask if it was for a special occasion. Little did they know, that it was a very belated birthday gift for April!