Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Design it! Workshop at the Blocherer Design School

I have been casting my jealous eyes down under for some time now where my  friend, the lovely Lady A ( A is for awesome) has been studying and graduating in interior design in Melbourne.

You can imagine my exitement as I stumbled across a postcard announcing a week full of design-related events in Munich.
The discovery of the Blocherer School, a private design college in Munich was only topped by a free workshop at the very same school. "Design it - Create together with Blocherer School Students".

Of course wild horses couldn't keep me away and so I attempted to build a cardboard box together with a very helpful student manning the ArchiCAD station:

Using ArchiCAD

Design plotted and cut by the magic machine.

The original design.

My wonky piece of art.     

What a great day. I really enjoyed talking to students and lecturers about the course. 
The result is: I would need to rob a bank to finance the 3-year full-time course. Or find a different way to follow my dreams.
PS: Lady A, we will find a way to cooperate in something awesome design-related.

Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Munich Gin Distillery Tour

One of my New Year's resolution was to do things I have never done before. What a good excuse to join the factory tour of Munichs first and only Gin Distillery.

Tucked away in the backyard of the bustling Barerstraße in the hip Schwabing district is "The Duke", founded in 2007 by Max & Daniel who were looking for the perfect gin.
Right now the distillery is producing a dry gin, Lions vodka, a ginger liqueur and a raspberry schnaps/spirit.
We were told of the history of gin. Did you know it comes from the Netherlands and was originally called Geneva? I certainly didn't.
Also very interesting the process of distilling, bottling and marketing of the precious liquid. 

Of course we got a delicious G&T with a twist of orange peel. Lovely stuff and a great story of bavarian entrepeneurship!

PS: The visit reminded me a lot of my favourite Melbourne bar "Naked for Satan" in Brunswick Street which derives its name from an outrageous story of basement distilling during the depression.


Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Oh, how I love vintage fabric!!

I recently got my mitts on some more vintage fabric. My favourite auntie parted with some handmade lacey pillow covers from her godmothers trousseau. She reckons they're at least 100 years old. And now they're mine (gleeful giggle) to upcycle them into something pretty and amazing. 
 The pillow cases will probably join my fabric collection until I can think of a project. All seamstress artists are hoarders so this is it:

Watch this space for more exciting results!

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Finally: Wine!

After a voluntary dry January I have finally discovered a new favourite white wine.

A Washington State Chardonnay from Stimson Estate Cellars.
 I don't think I have had all that many US wines so far but this was a recommendation from my friends wine merchant. No mean feat when you know how particular I am with my wines. But this was spot on:
delicously smooth and fruity and only a little acidity - just how I like them!

As this is a one to remember it'll go straight into my journal:

Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2014

new sewing projects

Here are some of my latest sewing projects:

Edmund, who only recently moved into a charming nursery across town.

A new waterproof bag for my flip flops.

A small lunch tote.

Lovely lavender smellies for the wardrobe.

Montag, 3. Februar 2014

"The Firebird" by Susanna Kearsley

I have just finished reading Susanna Kearsleys latest novel "The Firebird" and loved it! I have been a big fan of her books for more than a decade now and was not disappointed.
It tells the story of Nicola, a specialist in Russian art with a special gift; when she touches an object she can see its past.
One day a woman comes into the London
art gallery where she works and shows her the wooden carving of a firebird (a mythical Russian creature) claiming it was a gift from the Russian Empress Catherine, wife of tsar Peter. Nicola can see it's true but there's no proof.
The woman, she can see, is desperate for money, so Nicola travels to Scotland to see Rob, an old friend with similar gifts, and to ask for his help.
Together they travel from Scotland to Belgium and to St. Petersburg to discover the history of the firebird carving and the owners ancestor Anna. Of course there's also a love story....