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Montag, 3. Februar 2014

"The Firebird" by Susanna Kearsley

I have just finished reading Susanna Kearsleys latest novel "The Firebird" and loved it! I have been a big fan of her books for more than a decade now and was not disappointed.
It tells the story of Nicola, a specialist in Russian art with a special gift; when she touches an object she can see its past.
One day a woman comes into the London
art gallery where she works and shows her the wooden carving of a firebird (a mythical Russian creature) claiming it was a gift from the Russian Empress Catherine, wife of tsar Peter. Nicola can see it's true but there's no proof.
The woman, she can see, is desperate for money, so Nicola travels to Scotland to see Rob, an old friend with similar gifts, and to ask for his help.
Together they travel from Scotland to Belgium and to St. Petersburg to discover the history of the firebird carving and the owners ancestor Anna. Of course there's also a love story....

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