Freitag, 11. April 2014

Bespoke cushions - countless possibilities!

Finally - the last birthday surprise is out and I can now show you my latest sewing adventures!

Basically it's very simple, if you can draw it - you can sew it. Just take your favourite fabric and padding material and hey presto there's your unique gift for a very special friend.

This one was for me! I realised that most of my projects were gifts and usually left my place sooner or later. So, I wanted something just for myself.

from the back

Now, this was for my lovely sister, who loves green as much as I do:

And the masterpiece so far, for a certain gal in England who loves toadstools:

When I sewed on  the spots I kept thinking "Eight is a lot of legs, David!". A quote from one of my absolute favourite films ever "Love, actually". 

"Eight is a lot of legs, David!"