Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Getting to know me... Part 1

I thought, it's time that my faithful readers learn more about me.

The craftiness is of course down to a long line of creative, female ancestors.

1. My greatgrandmother  who used to embroider and crochet lace.

2. My lovely grandmother  who would crochet, knit and sew like a machine. One christmas my doll got a whole new woollen wardrobe and every year we would get handknitted wooly socks (in our badly insulated house they were very welcome!). On top of that she had a very modern taste and a lot of her dishes and  glasses made it into my cupboards after she passed away far too early.

please notice the crochet blanket that I still have in use

she also made this coat

3. My mother or Mami who made me an awesome dress for my Holy Communion because I couldn't squeeze into any off-the-shelf stuff. And Dirndls and a lot more because money was tight.

4. My auntie, who was there when I was ready to learn how to sew. She can also knit like the devil.