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Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Getting to know me... Part 2

Six or seven years ago I learned how to sew. It started with lack of money and getting ideas from magazines. So my auntie and I progressed from fixing favourite jeans to making little make-up cases, shopping bags (I hate plastic bags!) and cushion covers.
We would spent whole weekends crouching over her sewing machine, swearing (me), undoing wonky seams (her) and crowing about our results (together)! She taught me everything she knows about sewing. Happy days!

As I always had only tiny living spaces I abhor dust collecting presents and my main goal for a perfect handmade present is that it is practical und useful. Then of course comes pretty!

At first my friends and family were a bit "ookayy???" about the flood of handmade gifts but now after years of wearing them down they are very happy and I even get the occasional request. 

People keep nagging me about selling my stuff on etsy or Dawanda but I'm reluctant to do so because it takes a lot of inspiration to create something and I take that from my knowledge about and feelings for the presentee. I expect that to get lost while doing assembly line production.

 If you have any experience with starting up an online shop via these channels please let me know.

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