Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

My beautiful suntrap

This is the third summer in my apartment and for the first time I managed to turn the balcony into a colourful haven.

I have lavender, mint, basil, geraniums, a bamboo and one tomato plant bearing at least five tiny tomatoes!
"A flower meadow benefits butterflies and bees." A marketing gag from my local supermarket brought me a small packet of seeds to support the bee community. Always keen to beautify my summer room I got to work and only one week later you can already see some results. I also added  sunflower seeds for extra cheer.

My geraniums, acquired cheaply from Aldi in April are giving me a lot of pleasure. They remind me daily of my late gran, who's probably still dead-heading her geraniums in heaven.

To celebrate this years football worldcup I got out the flags. 

There's still room for improvement and a couple of more plants, maybe another bamboo.

Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

If I should die by Matthew Frank

I have just finished this amazing debut crime novel written by my friend Matt. 

It introduces Afghan veteran Joe Stark and follows him through his first weeks at the London Metropolitan Police. Although he suffers from PTS he can offer in-depth knowledge of army life and an soldiers code of honour to his new job helping to solve the case. 
A definite must-read for every crime fan leaving you wanting for the next installment!
Find out more about the author and the new series here:

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

How to copy & paste basil and mint plants

Did you know that you can easily propagate your basil and mint plants by putting cuttings into a glas of water?!
I'm certainly no gardener and so I was completely taken by surprise when I discovered roots after a few days. I had simply forgotten  about the cuttings which I had put into water to prevent them from wilting before I could use them.

So I decided to give it a try and planted them and here we go, they are thriving! One word of advice though: Do not plant the mint directly into your garden bed. It will grow rampantly and take over the whole bed!

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014


How or where do you get inspired? 

I find inspiration in my friends, magazines, other blogs, shop windows and very often in my craft supply cupboard.
Whenever I need a gift I get out my  piles of material in all sizes and put my thinking cap on. I sort through my hoard and consider options and possibilities. I hold different fabrics and designs together to see if they compliment each other or test the strenght of fabric.

To be honest I find it terrifying to go and buy "proper" fabric by the meter. The ones I like are usually horrendously expensive and I'm scared to make the first cut in case I ruin it. I love recycling clothes or using inexpensive stuff like tea towels.

This week I needed a gift for my favourite brother who I thought could use a wonky shopper for his grocery shops and was looking for some sturdy fabric. I found the rest of a former Ikea curtain (never throw cut-offs out) which seemed suitable and for something to sew onto it for decoration. There were a few differentsized leftovers of a leaf-design teatowel left and hey presto there it was again:


I also like that my sister got the leafy cushion earlier in April. Siblings rule!

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

My favourite cafés and bars interior-wise!

1. Potted Out Cafe, Grasmere, Lake District, UK (
I stumbled across this little jewel while on a walking holiday in the Lake District in 2012. Sitting down for a spot of lunch was like a revelation. 
My first thought was: How clever! Someone put a lot of thought and effort  into the design. It's not often that you can identify the design concept at once and relate to it! It features old gardening tools hanging from the green walls and garden-themed pictures. It is actually connected to the local garden center!
My second thought was: I wonder if I could do that (interior design), that looks like fun!

2. Occam Deli, Munich, Germany (
A recent discovery is this great cafè by day / bar by night in Munichs hip Schwabing district. I love its industrial interior design with a brick wall, one with reclaimed wooden boards and one painted in anthracite. The details are dark wooden shelves, a ventilation pipe, tin cans as pots for little ferns (I lurvve ferns!).

 3.  Naked for Satan, Melbourne, Australia (
 I have written before about my favourite Melbournian haunt but it's just too awesome not to feature here. They have distilling paraphernalia and a Fifties Pin-up wallpaper in the back. The ladies also have huge distilling kettles. They offer a great luchtime pinxtos special and a range of infused vodkas. I've just discovered that they opened up a rooftop bar - if that's not a reason to go back, I don't know!