Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014


How or where do you get inspired? 

I find inspiration in my friends, magazines, other blogs, shop windows and very often in my craft supply cupboard.
Whenever I need a gift I get out my  piles of material in all sizes and put my thinking cap on. I sort through my hoard and consider options and possibilities. I hold different fabrics and designs together to see if they compliment each other or test the strenght of fabric.

To be honest I find it terrifying to go and buy "proper" fabric by the meter. The ones I like are usually horrendously expensive and I'm scared to make the first cut in case I ruin it. I love recycling clothes or using inexpensive stuff like tea towels.

This week I needed a gift for my favourite brother who I thought could use a wonky shopper for his grocery shops and was looking for some sturdy fabric. I found the rest of a former Ikea curtain (never throw cut-offs out) which seemed suitable and for something to sew onto it for decoration. There were a few differentsized leftovers of a leaf-design teatowel left and hey presto there it was again:


I also like that my sister got the leafy cushion earlier in April. Siblings rule!