Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

My beautiful suntrap

This is the third summer in my apartment and for the first time I managed to turn the balcony into a colourful haven.

I have lavender, mint, basil, geraniums, a bamboo and one tomato plant bearing at least five tiny tomatoes!
"A flower meadow benefits butterflies and bees." A marketing gag from my local supermarket brought me a small packet of seeds to support the bee community. Always keen to beautify my summer room I got to work and only one week later you can already see some results. I also added  sunflower seeds for extra cheer.

My geraniums, acquired cheaply from Aldi in April are giving me a lot of pleasure. They remind me daily of my late gran, who's probably still dead-heading her geraniums in heaven.

To celebrate this years football worldcup I got out the flags. 

There's still room for improvement and a couple of more plants, maybe another bamboo.