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Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

The half-bald aries!

There's an inside joke between my brother and myself that I don't like reading manuals or instrctions. Hate them. Most of the time you can't make head or tail of them anyway!
But this time, when my brother gave me this fabulous diy gift I longed for instructions.

A clay aries for growing cress!

My brother only relayed to me that I had to soak the aries (which is incidentally my star sign) in water for a few hours and then put the seeds on it. Through the hole in the head I was to fill in water.

Soak. Done.

Attach seeds to animal. Not quite so easy. Maybe will try rolling the thingy in seed next time.

Wait and watch it growing!

 But how often am I to fill it up with water? And why is it getting moldy on top? Does it need direct sunlight?

I need answers! And before you ask, of course I consulted google. Google thinks it's more important to know how to throw a clay cress animal by yourself than how to use it. Probably to do with the searches for "Ghost" (OMG that was 1990!).

So this is how it looks a week later: a half-bald aries. I will shear it off later to get some home-grown cress for my baguette. Then I'll probably scrub it all off and start anew!

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