Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

What I love about Munich

1. Its size
Not too small and not too big. I can reach everything by public transport, which is usually very efficient and clean. I like the anonymity of my apartment block with its 100+ flats but I also bump into people I know on the streets all the time. In some parts of town you can still recognize the former village centres.

2. Its location
Within an easy one-hour trainride I can be in the countryside with awesome mountainviews and stunning lakes.
Two hours on the train get me to Salzburg (of the Sound of music fame) and four hours to Vienna.


3. Summer cycling
There's nothing better than riding my bike through beautiful, leafy-green Munich on a balmy summer night. The sweet scent of the linden trees never fails to make me happy.
Cycling also reminds me of my Cambridge days where I was lucky enough to encounter the "Naked Cyclist" once. Must be damn uncomfortable.

4. Its people
The Bavarians are amazing and lovable in their honest grumpiness and I am one of them. I adore the local dialect and I'm never happier than when I can chatter away with colleagues in my native lingo.  It reminds me of my childhood days and my grandmother who wasn't very tolerant when I mistakenly spoke in "High German" (like the Queen's English).

5. River surfing
Not that I would dare to venture out onto the river on a piece of fibreglass but it's fun to watch. The Eisbach has an artifical and constant wave which makes it popular with every surfer worldwide.

6. A Castle in the city with huge parks and the typical blue and white sky reflected in the Bavarian flag!

All in all I can't imagine living somewhere else anymore.
The one drawback is the cost of living. Due to its popularity and prosperity the rents and property prizes are ridiculously high so that it is very difficult to find an affordable place.

But if you're thinking about coming over for a holiday, let me know and I'll show you my favourite haunts.