Donnerstag, 14. August 2014


For a long time I didn't get Instagram. iPhone users seemed to share their totally random pictures. But when I read up on blogging everybody unanimously agreed that you had to have Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, the lot. I drew the line at Twitter and I have yet to set up a wonky Facebook account but once I tried it I fell in love with Instagram.
For all of you who don't know Instagram, it's a photo app for your smartphone which allows you to tamper with your photos, gives you filters and borders and a lot of other stuff.

Then you can upload them to your profile and share them with the world. Like Twitter you use hashtags so people can find them. The more hashtags the better. On your wall they show you the posts of the people you follow and  suggest other pictures that might interest you. 
I follow crafts people and photographers in NZ and OZ. Now I see a lot of photos of dream beaches, kangaroos and interiour design.
My friend, the Lady K, gets fitness tipps and follows her favourite bands.

I found that it makes me notice my surroundings more in case there is a photo opportunity. I take interesting pictures and am pleased as punch when strangers like them.

Of course, I also wanted to drum up interest for this amazing blog. It's a bit like a mini-blog on the go that appeals to another audience. 

What I still don't get is the bikini-mirror-selfies but hey, if I had a thigh gap I'd probably want to show it!