Samstag, 22. November 2014

presents, regalos, Geschenke!

 Between those two pictures lie at least 5 months. At first I wanted to make a stuffed cockerel for my little niece but somehow it didn't work out. So I put it aside and finally decided to make it into a cushion. What looked like a failure at first is actually a winner!

 This one's a "I'm sorry I forgot about our lunch date" token for my colleague.

This one's for me, a side-sleper pillow in my two favourite colors.

Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Christmas - dream or nightmare?

So Halloween's gone and it seems like we're on the express train to christmas. 

The past two months have been extremely busy at work and my full-on trip to England hasn't brought me any respite at all. As lovely as it was to see my friends again I squeezed too much into the one week and could have used another at home to relax.

I feel, like I should have opened up Santas workshop already but last weekend I had a case of 24-hour paralysis. As soon as I've stepped into my apartment on Friday it came over me and didn't let go until Monday morning. Apart from loading the washing machine twice and watching the complete second season of "Borgen" (excellent Scandi polit drama) I couldn't move a finger let alone brain cells. At the same time feeling rotten for not getting up and  producing tons of  unique presents on my sewing machine.

Don't get me wrong, I adore christmas and making gifts for the special people in my life but when I'm so caught-up in my office dramas it seems impossible to get into the right mood and creative mindset.

But maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way round? Maybe I should use my creativity to ease my work tension. 

Maybe the christmas Vorfreude/anticipation will lighten my heart? Maybe I should embrace decorating my castle like my friend N. using as much tinsel and candles as possible?

Drowning my sorrows in mulled wine every night at the local christmas markets with my colleagues? Placing mistletoe in strategic places e.g. over my desk?

Luckily Munich excels in christmas markets. Every neighbourhood has its own, there's an arty market, a gay (pink) market, a medieval market, an alternative market and lot's of traditional ones.
So here's to a busy, marvellous, special and sometimes quiet run-up to christmas.