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Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

Christmas Market in the Countryside

Yesterday my lovely friends took me for a drive to Lake Schliersee. It is a tradition for us to visit the  Christmas Market at Markus Wasmeiers Farmhouse Museum.
Markus Wasmeier is one of Germanys national treasures, a former worldcup skiing champion (and hero of my childhood) who after the end of his skiing career founded this amazing museum. He chose a piece of land, bought up old farm houses around Bavaria, to dismantle them brick by brick, beam by beam and to rebuild them as a tiny village, preserving them for future generations.
We've been visiting for about ten years now and the beauty is, that it is forever changing and growing. There are oven houses where there's always something baking, there is a distillery, they are brewing beer, growing flowers and selling herbal teas. They also keep bees, sheep, pigs, geese and chickens.
It is shut between November and April but on one weekend in December the christmas market opens.  

Unfortunately there was no snow but hey, it wasn't raining either! After a hearty meal of roast pork and dumplings at the Inn we strolled around, sampling mulled wine and gingerbread, checking out the wares. Ranging from homemade jams and pickles to woollen and wooden everything and lot's to eat!

After that we decided to look how the other half lives and drove to nearby lake Tegernsee and one of the richest communities in Bavaria and popular holiday resort, Rottach Egern.
Their christmas market is situated on the shore of the lake. We saw a lot of middleaged ladies in fur coats with tiny and sometimes huge dogs. Most of the wares on offer wouldn't have looked out of place in an interieur design shop. 

But the sun shined and the crisp air was filled with smells of sausages and mulled wine.

Rottach Egern

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