Samstag, 10. Januar 2015


So, 2015, ey? Ten days into the new year, three days into the new workyear finds me unusually optimistic. Optimistic and grateful. Grateful most of all for my job and my 100-odd close colleagues.
I remember very painfully my situation this time last year: Unemployed, bored and desperate.

This blog kept me going and then after five very long months someone gave me a chance and I landed an excellent job in an international company. The first seven months were exciting, amazing and exhausting. The eight weeks before christmas nearly brought me to my knees but now 15 days later I am well-rested and looking forward to new experiences and adventures. 

 Adventures like my planned weekend trip to London in June to join the Blogtacular conference .

I'm also looking forward to sharing all my adventures with you here! 
Happy New 2015 everyone!