Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Holiday reads

Time flies, doesn't it? It seems very fitting that I feel like a time traveller myself when I try to remember when I first clapped eyes on Diana Gabaldons first book of her epic Outlander series. It must have been sometimes during the mid-1990ies, when I used to work as a bookseller.
So 20 (in words: twenty!!!) years later I've just finished the most recent installment "Written in my own heart's blood", the eighth in the bestselling series.

So 1100 pages later I have to applaud Gabaldons skill again, she still manages to captivate me with her stories of eternal love through the times. 

Sod e-books for cover pictures - here's two of her earlier ones.

If you haven't read any of the first novels you have to start immediately with the first one: Outlander. "The year is 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon - when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach - an 'outlander' in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of Our Lord ... 1743." (Copied shamelessly from the blurb of my ancient paperback).

Another christmas read is the second novel by Tanja Frei, Das Whispern der Nacht, is not yet available in English. Every bit as gripping as her first book, I certainly enjoyed reading more about Jenna Winters and her adventures as the Guardian.

Santa Montefiore, Secrets of the Lighthouse

Over the years I have read several of Montefiores sagas and didn't have to think twice about buying her latest one. Situated in Ireland it tells a mystic story about love and death.

Danielle Hawkins, Dinner at Rose's

Always keen to read books set in New Zealand, I loved this charming story about Jo. After finding her fiancee in flagrante with another woman, she returns to her small home town in rural NZ, finds a job as a physiotherapist,  looks after her sick aunt and runs into her former boyfriend...