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Montag, 2. Februar 2015

The yodelling goats

So yesterday was .. like.. the best sunday ever! One of my exceptional christmas presents was a one-day yodelling course with my siblings. In the morning we took off towards a snowy, chocolate-box-pretty Lenggries, a small ski ressort in the mountains, for a great bonding experience. 
The course held by Barbara Lexa in a tiny, vegetarian inn was attended by 9 participants aged between 11 and 60.

Yodelling was developed as a form of communication between mountain villagers in the olden times and was practised all-over the world, e.g. Bavaria, Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, Spain, Lapland and so on.
It is a very joyful and uplifting experience - one cannot really yodel while being sad.
It was great sitting in the cozy inn, watching the snow fall through the windows, singing our hearts out to Barbaras accordeon.
In the afternoon we went outside to be taught  "Juchzen", which translates roughly into whooping or shrieking with delight, which needs to be performed at earsplitting volume. So we went for a little walk in the snow, singing. Pure magic!

On the way back in the car we yodeled along to Barbaras cd, looking forward to the weekend workshop for advanced yodelers in May.
As for being blue: Now I'll just get my cd and notes out and practice my yodelling!

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