Montag, 2. März 2015


The spring cleaning continues. 

On Saturday a friend and I loaded up her car with junk and drove to the recycling center. I was amazed at how much broken rubbish two households can collect in the 3,5 years since I moved into my appartment. I counted 3 DVD-Players, several electric toothbrushes, countless cables and other bits and bobs. After following the clerks instructions about what to put in which industrial sized containers we drove off happily... to the mall to replace the broken goods!
It certainly felt very liberating to rid my place of all this junk that was cluttering up my basement and even the balcony.
The next project is going to clear-out my book shelves again. I did this before the move but feel the urge to do it again. Even if I don't chuck any of the books out I might re-discover some old favourites and re-read them.
The hardest clear-out for me is my wardrobe. I can hardly bring myself to throw clothes out, even if I don't fit into them anymore as I'm eternally hopeful that one day I will again.

Oops, I might have forgotten something.