Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

The green room will make you green with envy

After years of dithering, last Friday finally saw the dawn of the big paint!
It took several trips to the hardware stores to make up my mind about the shade of green I wanted. It's called "olive grove", personally it makes me think of moss. 


Luckily my brother had offered his services, as it turned out, I didn't have a clue on how to start.
But in his calm manner, he managed everything from start to finish. So my advice, get yourself an experienced painting buddy!

From a friend I borrowed a laser spirit level, which was an enormous help when it came to taping a straight line. All in all it took us about 5 hours (including a pizza break during the drying period).


The expensive tape didn't keep its advertising claim so there is no razor-sharp line and there's an area that is not perfect but I don't mind.

At first I put the furniture back as it was before but during the evening I found myself turning around all the time instead of watching the still white wall opposite. So in the morning I re-arranged the sofa and am now much happier with the result. It makes the room smaller but 100 % cosier.

Not quite there yet.

Perfect, being able to admire wall while watching the telly.

My conclusion: How could I have not done this before? It takes little effort to get such a stunning result.