Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Time flies, already I'm back in the system for a whole week and the easter leave seems like a distant memory.

My ten days off were packed with activities:

- the big paint ( you saw the amazing result in my last post)

- two visits to the cinema: Kingsmen (sooo funny) and The second best Marigold hotel (gotta love Dame Judi)  

- saw the exibition "August Macke and Franz Marc" at the Lenbachhaus and treated myself to a new annual pass for this great museum.

- celebrated mine and my sisters birthday 

- countless lunches and coffees with great friends and family

- a visit to Ikea, garden center, a work wear outlet (unexpected interieur design delights)

- had Sissi, the sewing machine, serviced and the laptop upgraded

- went for a lovely spring walk along the river