Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

May recap - June lookout!

I have to say, May has been pretty busy. Starting with the amazing Yodelling Weekend, I then went hiking in the area around Neuschwanstein Castle, where I have never been before.
The exertion was rewarded by breathtaking views and luckily the hordes of tourists didn't venture out into the forrests so we were mostly undisturbed.

Only when it came to using public facilities and buying icecream in the village underneath the castle our patience was taxed.

Last Friday I headed to Schliersee again, for my first visit of the "Wasmeier Farmhouse Museum" of the year.  The avid reader knows that I go there several times a year, due to my seasonal ticket. It is such an inspiring place, beautiful, tranquil and in every corner you can feel the dedication of the team behind.
The inn, offering rest and delicious treats sitting in the sunshine, doesn't hurt of course.
The website unfortunately is not available in English yet

As we also had quite a bit of rain this month and several birthdays I managed to get some sewing done.

Here's another piece of the bespoke cushion collection and as you can see it's a sailboat (obviously!).

And here a beautiful and oh so handy zipper wallet, with a very royal corgy lining for a beautiful girl!

The outlook for June, of course is:


As surely everyone knows by now, I'll be heading to London town in less then two weeks for the annual Blogtacular event and of course to see my lovely friends! I have plans for lovely lunches, shopping sprees, lovely dinners and lot's more!
Stay tuned and bring on June!

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

The Spectacular Blogtacular Bonanza in London ...

is happening in less than three weeks time. The Social Media Machine has been going wild. There's a Facebook group where the attendees can get to know each other and exchange information, as well as Pinterest boards and Instagram posts. I'm also hoping to win a place on the Blogtacular Photowalk!

It's soo exciting and I'm slowly crossing things of my list.

Here are a couple of essential gadgets, the UK plug adapter and the power bank for my weak-in-the-chest mobile battery:

My lovely friends from JMS Design ( sacrificed their Friday night to help me with my business cards. In a matter of hours I had a printing file uploaded and ordered. Here's a sneak preview. What do you think, aren't they marvellous? I certainly can't wait to hand them over to my fellow Blogtaculars.

Until then I should probably get a blog app for mobile blogging, get a roaming tariff and figure out what to pack.

I'll be staying for a long weekend in my favourite city and am also looking forward to meeting my friends, catching up over lunches, dinners and drinks! You know who I mean, folks! xxx

Montag, 11. Mai 2015

Yodelling for the advanced

Last Saturday my beloved siblings and I packed our bags and took a drive to Kochel on Lake Kochel, near the Bavarian Alps, for our advanced yodelling workshop.

We met up with Barbara, our coach ( and 8 other like-minded singers at the Hotel Waltraud, a small family-run hotel, beautifully located for a relaxing stay. 

behind the hotel

We started off with repeating the songs from the beginners course and then got on with new, more taxing stuff. 
After a delicious lunch we went for a small hike towards a vantage point, with a beautiful, inspiring view across the lake.

amazing shot taken by my sister

Aim was to experience yodelling in its true form, communicating with each other and across long distances. There was a wonderful echo.

outdoor yodelling

After dinner we went back up there to watch the sun set and sing some more. It was unbelievably beautiful.

again my sisters picture

 Back at the ranch we had a few drinks and then headed to bed early as our first point on the agenda was at 6:40 am to climb back up to greet the day. 

There were only five of us with the rest still in bed but it was a very special experience, and I'm glad I  mad the effort. All of us were still sleepy and our voices not warmed-up so our singing was completely different. Softer and improvised, even Barbara was impressed. Unfortunately the skies then opened and we hurried back to the hotel for breakfast.


The task for Sunday morning was to write our own piece of yodelling and to perform it. The writing ws the easy part. I'm seriously considering taking some singing lessons. It's so hard to hold a tune and even harder to sing in front of a bunch of strangers all by yourself.

Unfortunately I can't share my very own Yodler here with you, as I don't want any hassle with plagiarism once we hit the charts! So for now I'll keep it secret.

After lunch we packed up and drove to the nearby river to experiment more with the travelling sound and frighten the locals.

At around 3 pm we said our goodbyes and left for home, exhausted, hoarse but happy! What an amazing weekend.

I'm very happy to report that the weekend cheer still holds whereas usually it doesn't last until 9 am on Monday morning!

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Hey - it's May!

And isn't it faboulous to start it off with a long weekend, celebrating the International Workers' Day? Even better, living in catholic Bavaria, I have two more religous holidays to look forward to.

Unfortunately the sky celebrated by opening its floodgates so I after hitting the gym I holed up inside devouring this fab book. 
It's the moving tale of Sally, who is an incredibly singer who only sings in the safety of her wardrobe. We follow her from a difficult childhood with seemingly cold and unsupportive parents in the West Midlands to London to become a wardrobe mistress at the Royal Opera House.
After an amazing summer in New York, she returns to London to keep a promise - studying to become an opera singer although she is crippled by fear and insecurities...


I found this bargain at the local Oxfam. I discovered charity shops in the UK but they are really rare in Germany. We have fleemarket shops where people can sell their stuff without the hassle of going to markets but hardly any to support charities. 

I can't wait for my next trip to London in June (yay, less then six weeks to go). One of my favourites is Traid (, which specializes in clothes and even has a collection of clothes they designed from second-hand donations.

But before the trip there's loads to do and decide:

- What to pack.
- What to wear to Blogtacular.
- Designing and ordering business cards for Blogtacular (uh, must hurry).
- Checking out "Time out Guide London" to prepare for exciting events and restaurants. I wonder if that Bugs and Insects place is still open.