Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Hey - it's May!

And isn't it faboulous to start it off with a long weekend, celebrating the International Workers' Day? Even better, living in catholic Bavaria, I have two more religous holidays to look forward to.

Unfortunately the sky celebrated by opening its floodgates so I after hitting the gym I holed up inside devouring this fab book. 
It's the moving tale of Sally, who is an incredibly singer who only sings in the safety of her wardrobe. We follow her from a difficult childhood with seemingly cold and unsupportive parents in the West Midlands to London to become a wardrobe mistress at the Royal Opera House.
After an amazing summer in New York, she returns to London to keep a promise - studying to become an opera singer although she is crippled by fear and insecurities...


I found this bargain at the local Oxfam. I discovered charity shops in the UK but they are really rare in Germany. We have fleemarket shops where people can sell their stuff without the hassle of going to markets but hardly any to support charities. 

I can't wait for my next trip to London in June (yay, less then six weeks to go). One of my favourites is Traid (, which specializes in clothes and even has a collection of clothes they designed from second-hand donations.

But before the trip there's loads to do and decide:

- What to pack.
- What to wear to Blogtacular.
- Designing and ordering business cards for Blogtacular (uh, must hurry).
- Checking out "Time out Guide London" to prepare for exciting events and restaurants. I wonder if that Bugs and Insects place is still open.