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Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

The Spectacular Blogtacular Bonanza in London ...

is happening in less than three weeks time. The Social Media Machine has been going wild. There's a Facebook group where the attendees can get to know each other and exchange information, as well as Pinterest boards and Instagram posts. I'm also hoping to win a place on the Blogtacular Photowalk!

It's soo exciting and I'm slowly crossing things of my list.

Here are a couple of essential gadgets, the UK plug adapter and the power bank for my weak-in-the-chest mobile battery:

My lovely friends from JMS Design ( sacrificed their Friday night to help me with my business cards. In a matter of hours I had a printing file uploaded and ordered. Here's a sneak preview. What do you think, aren't they marvellous? I certainly can't wait to hand them over to my fellow Blogtaculars.

Until then I should probably get a blog app for mobile blogging, get a roaming tariff and figure out what to pack.

I'll be staying for a long weekend in my favourite city and am also looking forward to meeting my friends, catching up over lunches, dinners and drinks! You know who I mean, folks! xxx

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Anonym hat gesagt…

marvellous marvellous marvellous - your perfect business cards !!!
Sister S