Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

I joined the Club - the Online Sketchbook Club!

Many times I have praised the virtue of Instagram and yet again I was inspired by it. All of a sudden there were lots of posts about a Sketchbookclub on my fellow Blogtacularistas' feeds. Because I have been feeling the urge to draw recently I was intrigued, googled it and discovered the amazing artist Jennie Maizels:
I read up on the Online Sketchbook Club and hey presto one Paypal transaction later I joined the Club!
There are four modules and 3 months to work my way through them:
  • Houses
  • Fish
  • Bugs
  • Washing line
You get instructions, a video,  reference material to print out and the community as support. Once you have the first results you can upload photos to Instagram to share with the other club members.
First I checked my extensive art supply collection  and went off to buy the missing material, acrylic paint, a little white mixing tray and a set of two A5 sketchbooks.

my stash

excellent excuse to go shopping

At first I was a bit uncertain about the templates - wouldn't that be too restrictive and wouldn't everyone end up with identical sketchbooks? But I hadn't counted on human nature because as soon as  I started with sketching, I started to deviate from the templates, making shortcuts and bringing in my own ideas.

ready-steady go

After the first page was done and drying I couldn't help myself but sneek a look at Instagram at what my fellow sketchers were producing, even though I was scared to be tempted to copy peoples ideas. I was very impressed by one artist who had drawn a boat sailing past the front of houses, reminding me of an Amsterdam canal scene. But instead of wanting to steal the idea I was flooded with new, personal ideas, hardly able to contain myself, wanting to start immediately.


I can't wait to get on with the other modules and to incorporate sketching into my everyday life, e.g. on my forthcoming trip to Lisbon. Images of bottles of wine, tapas, the river....