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Sonntag, 1. November 2015

Autumn Hiking

Last Friday I joined a bunch of very energetic, young colleagues on a hiking trip to the Brunnsteinhütte, right at the border to Austria. There were 18 of us and the weather was beautiful. It took us nearly to hours to reach the chalet or mountain hut where we gladly fell over some refreshments.

After a short break my colleagues headed on towards the summit but I just couldn't face it, having thouroughly overexerted myself with the climb to the hut.
So I stayed behind on my own, sitting on the sunny terrace, sketching and enjoying the breathtaking view. 

At first I regretted not having brought my Kindle e-Book-reader but in the end I enjoyed the forced time-out with nothing to distract myself. Nothing but pen and paper.

We had arranged to stay the night and watched the sun vanish behind the mountains before we headed inside for dinner.

It was amazing to watch the time pass, the fog rise, the night sky. The accomodation was very basic though with only a compost toilet about 50 metres behind the hut and  no hot water.  The dormitories were freezing and we didn't get much sleep, although the reasons for that were probably large amounts of alcohol...

In the morning, after very basic ablutions and breakfast we shouldered our backpacks and headed down the mountain again, meeting lots of early-bird hikers on the way up. 

I won't ever forget the beautiful views and ever-changing skies during our time on the mountain.  

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