Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

Christmas all over - the present revealment

Straight after every Christmas I suffer from withdrawal symptoms! I just love the run-up to Christmas and treasure every day of the Advent period.
I float around my apartment, watching telly, reading books but not being able to settle for anything.
The one thing I always remember is to head out to the shops to stock up on decorations in the sales:

Here are a few of the pressies I already handed over and can now reveal to you:

One of my favourite: The bauble table runner

A sofa cushion for the tractor enthusiast

Heart-shaped potholders

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent

It turned out to be a very relaxed and quiet advent. Because I  most of my presents are handmade there was no need for me to rush through shops and battle with crowds.

In the mornings I enjoy a peaceful stroll through a quiet road, where the neighbours have made themselves proud with their decorations.
At each end stands a tall tree with lights and in front of nearly every second house are more lights on bushes and windows.

The weekends were spent baking with my brother, involving gherkins, bison grass vodka and large quantities of sugar.

Sewing is best done with Netflix and gallons of ginger infusion with honey and lemon. Unfortunately I can't show you my efforts until they have been presented. Well, apart from this lovely bauble pillow for a December birthday girl.

Only four more days at the office and then I'm looking forward to a well-earned two-week break. 
                                                 pa rum pum pum pum

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Wonky Advent

It's been very quiet on the wonky front during the last few weeks. I had the mother of all colds and spent most of my time on my sofa with my eBook-Reader and Netflix.

So now it's Advent. Every year I seem to need a trigger for that christmas feeling. This year was no different. I brought up the decorations from the basement and distributed them all over my place but it didn't do the trick.

On the 1st of December I went for a little after work shopping to the city centre picking up some bits and bops like this little Santa Polarbear musing about the missing cheer.  But when I was just around the corner from Marienplatz I heard music. I turned that corner and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. There was an ensemble of brass players and a childrens choir on the balcony of the city hall. Next to the impressive building the annual whopping huge tree covered in lights and an amazing smell lingering in the air of mulled wine and sugar.

And bham there it was, the overwhelming christmas cheer and happiness. Bring on christmas - I am ready!!!

Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Why I love autumn!

This week I took some leave from work and managed to have a great day out with  my friend at the town of  Herrsching on lake Ammersee.

We had some pretty awesome sunny days during the last few weeks but Tuesday was perfect. We had a bite of lunch and then armed with the last ice cream cones of the year we headed to the shore where we were greeted by this sight.

Isn't it breathtaking? 

 We were soaking in that view, storing the images for the coming, long winter months.

Here's my favourite action shot of Super-Heidi

And of course some leaves.

We left the crowds behind at the shore cafes.

Unfortunately it seems the weather has turned now. Today we had sleety rain all day and the temperatures have dropped.
Luckily I have taken lots of pictures during the last weeks to keep me going!

My view.

St. Lukas, Munich


River Isar

Room with a view

Collage of leaves

Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

My Sunday walk

Sunday morning I was surprised by lovely sunshine and decided to go for a walk. The last few days have been cold and miserable so Istrolled around my neighbourhood basking in the sun, discovering hidden gems. 

At the nearby recreation area I discovered a fairly new tree house, built in 2013. The idea and financing came from Munichs twin town Cincinatti and I simply love it! What a special place!

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

All work and no play

make Wonky Heidi a very boring Blogger. There's not much happening in my wonky world at the moment.
Here in Munich we enjoyed a wonderful, long Indian summer celebrated with long walks.

But now it's cold and wet which makes me want to hide indoors with gallons of pumpkin soup and netflix.

So there's nothing to report, I'm afraid. Apart from that I finally finished the Great Australian Photo Epos:


As you can see I did some old-school albums and three photo books. Truth is, I hate making photo books. It takes forever, the software is usually a bugger to use and in the end I'm disappointed by the result. So this time I started with three smaller albums in case I get tired and upset during the process. The books didn't come out as stunning as I had hoped so I decided to do the rest the old-fashioned way, printing the pictures and sticking them in albums. I got confused while picking the size so I ended up with 30x20 cm whoppers. But the photos are great and make a great memory.

Montag, 5. September 2016

Summer in the city - Happy wonky Heidi

It's been more than four weeks since I got back from Australia and I'm amazed at how relaxed I still am. Usually the holiday feeling vanishes 2 hours after arriving back at the office.

Granted, it's been very quiet with nearly all my colleagues being away but still, I never had such a long-lasting effect.

I've been enjoying the long summer days in my  hometown Munich. We are having a lovely summer and I have been to the outdoor pool, to the Biergarten and have been sitting in the sun, feeling content and lucky! Lucky for having a good job, a great family and friends and lot's of memories from my amazing OZ adventure.

I haven't felt this at peace for a long time and at first was surprised. It makes me want to bottle this feeling up for when times are rough. For now I'm determined to wallow in this feeling of well-being as long as I can!

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Wonky Heidi goes east

Earlier this year I had checked out the tour dates of my favourite bands and discovered that Zaz, the french singer, would not come to Munich but to Dresden. Luckily I have a friend who lives nearby, agreed to join me and put me up for the weekend.

I arrived in Dresden totally relaxed and in full holiday mode at 1 pm, ready for a great long weekend.
We took the train into the city and ambled past the Zwinger, the Frauenkirche, along the river Elbe, through parks, had lunch and coffee and arrived at the open air venue "Junge Garde" with plenty of time to spare and found great seats.

I had been worried about the weather but it was a perfect, balmy summer evening and the perfect venue for the perfect gig.

Zaz is amazing and it was soo worth coming all this way. If you don't know her yet, check her out immediately.

After the concert we drove to Bautzen, 50 km east of Dresden, complete with castle, infamous Stasi jail, mustard factory, full of atmosphere and history.

On Sunday after a late breakfast we drove to Weißwasser, stopping en route at Bad Muskau to visit the Fürst-Pückler-Park and castle. 

We had a peek into the potter's workshop, took refreshments underneath the chestnut trees infront of what must have once been the stables and walked to the castle.

We were already running late so we just checked out the beautifully kept grounds. The pictures don't do it justice as it was a bit overcast.

Then we headed on to Weißwasser, home of a prominent ice hockey club and the Kaffeehaus Junge, which is run by my dear friends.

A charming little place, offering tea, coffee and wine specialties and great home-cooked food. Check out theit website for events like coffee and whiskey tastings, book clubs and etiquette evenings.

On Monday I re-traced my steps in Bautzen after a 11-year absence, re-discovering the castle and the historic town centre.


So after the perfect bank holiday weekend I have to admit: Saxony is well worth a visit.