Montag, 21. März 2016

Challenge Over

It's been over a month and I declare the challenge officially over. Overall I feel that I've triumphed but some days I might have been a bit lenient with myself.

It might have been a bit optimistic to fitness challenge myself during the cold and pollen season. Most days I only managed to go for a walk.

The positive outcome is a change of attitude. The challenge has become a habit. I might not be able to move my behind to the gym in time for class on a Sunday morning after a night out but I can move my behind around the block for a walk.

On top of that I started to actually use my fitness tracker as a tracker and not just as a wrist watch.
Three weeks ago I realized I had managed to nail my activity goal on 5 of 7 days, a week later 6 out of 7 and last week I made sure to hit 7 out of 7.

It got personal and I ended up walking up and down my apartment just to reach the goal or let my friend drop me off so that I could walk home. Dancing counts and swimming too!

I haven't lost any weight so far but it helped to incorparate more movement into my daily life and change my attitude.

If you need some inspiration, check out Eddie Izzard's marathon challenge: