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Sonntag, 13. März 2016

The grand unveiling of Sissi 2

Recently I had to sack my first own sewing machine, Sissi. 

If you are considering buying a machine yourself, pay as much as you can. My cheap Singer, which was all I could afford four years ago, didn't reach the high standards I was used to from my aunties machine and I missed its efficient quality and easy handling.

So after days of dithering and discussing it with my sewing aunt, who recommended the Swiss company "elna" and my sister, who owns one of their products, I decided to by the same model as my sister, the "elna 3210 Jeans".

So far I had only time to test the different stitches but I'm amazed by its quiet purring, music to my ears. I am soo looking forward to my next projects!

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