Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

Wonky Adventure: 4 more sleeps

This weekend finds me dithering. I think this might be due to sheer exhaustion, both physical and emotional.

To be able to afford the big wonky adventure I had to save up my leave and haven't had a holiday since christmas. Even if us Bavarians are more than lucky with religious bank holidays I'm totally ready for some time off.

On top of that I've been battling another cold during the past weeks and had a very emotional time at the office the past two months.

Which is why I can't make up my mind about how many t-shirts to pack and which. Blue, red or the green one? How many pairs of socks do I need?

I like to be prepared for anything, but maybe I should let go of this thought. After all, apart from medication theres nothing you can't buy or survive withouth in an urban area.

But, I'm hoping that, once I've boarded the first flight to Singapore, I'll just pass out or at least get back my anticipation for the big wonky adventure. For once I prefer the German expression "Vorfreude".

Here are some impressions from my weekend: