Dienstag, 26. Juli 2016

Wonky Heidi does AirBnB

I only discovered AirBnB for me a year ago. And now, on my last night in Australia, looking back on  five AirBnB`s and five hosts, I`m ready to  draw up a summary.

I found it a mixed experience, actually only every other stay was great. What you have to consider is, that the hosts are normal people, not trained in hotel business, they might have bad days or you might just not get on. On the other hand, they get paid for having you as a guest so I really wish they would give their home a good clean before you arrive.

AirBnB is brilliant for city trips with a friend, when you don`t want to share a hotel room. With enough patience and luck you can find awesome apartments in the center of the city for the same price (or even less) as a hotel  and get a living room and kitchen as well.

Or if you are travelling on your own you can find a room in a Million $ apartment with a great host at a great location for the price of a dingy 2 star hotel.

So here`s how to do it:

1. Always read the reviews of former guests carefully.
2. Communicate with the host about musts/must-nots. In my case, pets are a no-go due to my allergies and I like to double-check.
3. Always get clear instructions on how to find the place and exchange phone numbers in advance.
4. Don`t expect too much. Not all hosts are charming and welcoming, some are just weird as f*** and in it for the money!
5. Not all great hosts know how to clean.
6. Write an honest review for the sake of the next guest.