Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

Wonky Heidi does Daintree Dreaming

Yesterday I was able to join the incredible Daintree Dreaming Day Tour. I was met by Bridget, the guide from Adventure North Australia, at 7:45 am and we made our way up north in a small bus.
I was the only pick-up from Cairns so I got my very own private introduction into the days itinerary.
We picked up 16 more guests on the way, of all ages and of several nationalities.

Palm Cove

Our first stop of the day was at the Mossman Gorge Center in the Daintree National Park, where we were welcomed with a traditional smoking ceremony. It was held by a member of the local Kuku Yalanji people and is used to cleanse and to ward off bad spirits. Together with the facepaint it was to protect us on our way through the land of the Kuku Yalanji.
I found the ceremony very moving and secretly hope that the effect will last much longer!

We then were guided through the rainforest by Bridget who told us lots about the flora and fauna and customs and traditions of the indigenous people.

My personal highlight was the swim in the Mossman Gorge river. I had seen so many photos of it on Instagram that I knew I couldn`t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass, no matter how cold it was.
And it was very cold, yet kinda refreshing too. It wasn`t as serene as shown on Instagram but swimming in the ice-cold crystal clear water in the middle of the oldest rainforest of the world, was truly magical.

After lunch at the Café of the Mossman Gorge Center we went for a walk through a tidal lagoon to do some  crab hunting. Needless to say that I didn`t even set eyes on one of the beasties but I did spear some wicked leaves. We waded through mudflats for about two hours and luckily my fellow hunters were more successful as we had been promised a feast. We were invited to our hunter guides family home for a home cooked meal of crab and damper.

Afterwards Bridget delivered us safely home, tiered-out by long walks and sunshine, brimful with new experiences and memories!