Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

Wonky Heidi in Surfers Paradise

Originally I had planned to go to Byron Bay but due to a festival it was booked out. Checking the map I decided I liked the sound of Coolangatta and its location not far from my next stop, Burleigh Heads.

Coolangatta turned out to be very boring but it suited me fine for my time wasting quest. I walked the beach, hunted for cafes and places to have dinner, went to the cinema and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

I`m not a big fan of zoos and animals in captivity but sanctary has a different ring to it. And to my surprise I got to see a Cassowary!

 I first learned about these nearly extinct animals in a tv documentary before I arrived in Australia and then on the Daintree Dreaming Tour. They are indispensable for the rainforest because they eat the fruits of the trees and distribute the seeds miles away to grow into new trees. I also loved the fruit.

I nearly got caught in a Kangaroo stampede. Quite scary!

So after two very quiet days in Coolangatta it was time for me to leave to check-out the delights of Currumbin Valley, Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise and Tambourine Mountain.
I was very lucky to have two lovely, personal tour guides, K and G, to show me around.

I especially enjoyed to see the hinterland with its trees and waterfalls. Tambourine Mountain is amazingly beautiful and the views are breathtaking!!