Freitag, 22. Juli 2016

Wonky Heidi wastes time

During the last three weeks I have been actively wasting time. I didn`t make plans for every single day of the trip on purpose. I desperately needed some time-out and was hoping to be inspired on-site.

So, I`ve been using the slowest possible form of transport: the ferry, retraced my steps again and again in Brisbane, because I liked the area.
I had countless cappucinos while contemplating stuff or spent time writing or sketching. I walked the beach for miles.

I went to the cinema three times to pass the time and enjoyed myself!

At first, I felt bad about this. Shouldn`t I be doing something worthwhile and amazing on this special trip??
But who can take four weeks of 24/7 awesomeness and adventures? I blame Facebook. We feel the pressure  to constantly experience great things.

But now I have come to the conclusion, that time spent with myself is always well spent and certainly not wasted!!!