Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Bavaria rulez: Breitach Gorge

Every adventure needs to end some time so now Wonky Heidi is back in Bavaria, on my desk on weekdays and roaming my home country at the weekends.

This weekend I was lucky to discover the Breitach Gorge in the Allgäu region with my friends.   

Caused by a moving glacier about 10.000 years ago, it is an amazing place to visit. A circular trail leads us seemingly right through the rock. On a small pathway along the rapid creek we climb up and up staring open mouthed at this spectacle of nature.

Overhanging rocks make us duck our heads and ever dripping water pull on our cagoules.

Huge tree trunks snapped like matchsticks and whopping huge boulders positioned like marbles make us wonder about the force of water.

After finishing the 1,5 hours circular trail we had lunch in Oberstdorf, ending our trip eating icecream while strolling through the small town.

As much as I love travelling, there's no place like home! Come and visit Bavaria!