Montag, 5. September 2016

Summer in the city - Happy wonky Heidi

It's been more than four weeks since I got back from Australia and I'm amazed at how relaxed I still am. Usually the holiday feeling vanishes 2 hours after arriving back at the office.

Granted, it's been very quiet with nearly all my colleagues being away but still, I never had such a long-lasting effect.

I've been enjoying the long summer days in my  hometown Munich. We are having a lovely summer and I have been to the outdoor pool, to the Biergarten and have been sitting in the sun, feeling content and lucky! Lucky for having a good job, a great family and friends and lot's of memories from my amazing OZ adventure.

I haven't felt this at peace for a long time and at first was surprised. It makes me want to bottle this feeling up for when times are rough. For now I'm determined to wallow in this feeling of well-being as long as I can!