Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Why I love autumn!

This week I took some leave from work and managed to have a great day out with  my friend at the town of  Herrsching on lake Ammersee.

We had some pretty awesome sunny days during the last few weeks but Tuesday was perfect. We had a bite of lunch and then armed with the last ice cream cones of the year we headed to the shore where we were greeted by this sight.

Isn't it breathtaking? 

 We were soaking in that view, storing the images for the coming, long winter months.

Here's my favourite action shot of Super-Heidi

And of course some leaves.

We left the crowds behind at the shore cafes.

Unfortunately it seems the weather has turned now. Today we had sleety rain all day and the temperatures have dropped.
Luckily I have taken lots of pictures during the last weeks to keep me going!

My view.

St. Lukas, Munich


River Isar

Room with a view

Collage of leaves