Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent

It turned out to be a very relaxed and quiet advent. Because I  most of my presents are handmade there was no need for me to rush through shops and battle with crowds.

In the mornings I enjoy a peaceful stroll through a quiet road, where the neighbours have made themselves proud with their decorations.
At each end stands a tall tree with lights and in front of nearly every second house are more lights on bushes and windows.

The weekends were spent baking with my brother, involving gherkins, bison grass vodka and large quantities of sugar.

Sewing is best done with Netflix and gallons of ginger infusion with honey and lemon. Unfortunately I can't show you my efforts until they have been presented. Well, apart from this lovely bauble pillow for a December birthday girl.

Only four more days at the office and then I'm looking forward to a well-earned two-week break. 
                                                 pa rum pum pum pum