Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Wonky Advent

It's been very quiet on the wonky front during the last few weeks. I had the mother of all colds and spent most of my time on my sofa with my eBook-Reader and Netflix.

So now it's Advent. Every year I seem to need a trigger for that christmas feeling. This year was no different. I brought up the decorations from the basement and distributed them all over my place but it didn't do the trick.

On the 1st of December I went for a little after work shopping to the city centre picking up some bits and bops like this little Santa Polarbear musing about the missing cheer.  But when I was just around the corner from Marienplatz I heard music. I turned that corner and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. There was an ensemble of brass players and a childrens choir on the balcony of the city hall. Next to the impressive building the annual whopping huge tree covered in lights and an amazing smell lingering in the air of mulled wine and sugar.

And bham there it was, the overwhelming christmas cheer and happiness. Bring on christmas - I am ready!!!