Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

Good riddance, 2017!

Just in time to bid adieu to  2017 I'm back to share some musings about the turn of the year. As some of you might have suspected my silence here had to do with the crapness of the last few months.

Since my amazing UK trip in September life has been pretty tough in my wonky world, workwise mainly.

But now, stuck in the limbo that is Boxing Week, it's time to show some pictures of Christmas bling and to look forward to a new beginning.

flock of handmade birds


more baubles

handmade mountain

handmade fabric container

festive Christmas Eve dinner table

handmade decorations, am loving matt baubles this year

old-skool German tree

best sprouts ever (recipe from Ella Woodward)

And now, hurry up 2018! Surely it can only be amazing!

Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

My holiday sketchbook

From the moment I first had the idea for this trip I knew I had to do a sketchbook. In the past I got quite frustrated with my efforts as I had seen tons of other sketchers journals and my sketches somehow didn't live up to my own expectations.

Optimistically I bought an A4 hardcover sketchbook for this trip even though I thought I would never even fill it halfway through.

But somehow the switch must have been flicked and I just couldn't stop myself. I took it along everywhere and sketched and sketched and sketched.

Not every single page is perfect but overall I'm very pleased with it. It feels like I made a big leap forward.

Here you can see some of them:

Samstag, 30. September 2017

London on a rainy day

Go visit the countless museums. I went to see the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum which are right next to each other and can be reached from South Kensington Station.

Lot's of London Museums are free. You can get lost there for hours until the sun re-appears. The V&A has a lovely garden and three cafe's. The area around the South Kensington tube station offers lot's of places and is great for discovering.

Cafe Leon

The Whale at the Natural History Museum.

The V&A

Freitag, 29. September 2017

The heights of London

Wednesday was the "highlight" of my London adventure. I was able to view London from above, from dizzying heights.

First I went to the Tower Bridge to experience the Glass Floor Walkways. I was surprised at how quiet it was but appearantly the tourists go to the Tower first so that it only gets busier around noon.
The Glass Floor Walkways are amazing and well worth the 10 Pounds. And you get to see the innermost secrets of one of London`s most famous buildings.

This is the Engine Room of the Tower Bridge:

Second I went to the Skygarden also known as the Walkie-Talkie building. It is free but you need to book a space online, because it gets so busy. It also has an actual garden with palm trees and lots of fern.

Third came the Viewing Platform of the Tate Modern, not quite as high as the Skygarden but still offering a stunning view across London. As I`m not a huge fan of modern art, the most impressive for me was the architecture of the former power station. Just imagine, being offered this blank canvas to design an art gallery.

My fourth adventure was a visit of the View at the Shard, a skyscraper next to London Bridge. It is very expensive to even go up in the elevator but for me it was a birthday treat with a glass of Champagne thrown in.

Before I left, the guide recommended a visit to the toilet!!

The Shard from the street.