Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Guess who is finally learning how to draw....

Just after christmas I finally booked myself a course in basic drawing. On 7 evenings myself and 8 fellow students are going to learn the basics of drawing with a pencil.

At first I didn't know what to expect but then it was a revelation. Even in the introduction the lecturer unravelled one of my biggest mysteries regarding my drawing. 

Why does the result never look like the actual object or motive? I can't remember every word but it has to do with how we don't draw what we see but what's already in our brain. 

So basically I need to silence my brain while I draw and concentrate on what I see. It helps not to see the apple as an apple but just as a shape and a form.

After each assignment, during which the lecturer helps us with tricky situations and points out stuff, we talk about each drawing. Well, the group is still a bit shy, so it's more the teacher talking but I find it very interesting. Especially how each student has a totally different style.

I'm soo happy with the results of this first lesson and can't wait to learn more and after the course has finished will definitely come back for more!!!

Here's what I drew. 

My left hand:

an apple:

a bell pepper: