Montag, 13. März 2017

Spring Sunday in the Blue Land

Yesterday my friends and I went to the Lake Staffelsee. The plan was to visit the Gabriele-Münter-House but we found out it wouldn't open until 2 pm so we headed to the lakeside in Uffing first.

We went for a 5,5 km walk along the lake shore and  through the moors. The sun was shining and there were not a lot of people around.

We arrived back where we started of just in time for lunch and headed to the Gasthof Alpenblick where we decided to brave an al fresco lunch at the beergarden. It was amazing. The sun was glittering on the blue waves, the spritzer fizzed and the meat loaf was yummy.

After lunch we drove to nearby Murnau. Because we still had time to kill we went for a postprandial walk to the Chapel of St. George from the 8th century.

Luckily next to it was another lovely beergarden, where we had coffee and apple strudel

before we ambled back to the village and finally to the house of Gabriele Münter, partner of Vassily Kandinsky, member of the artist group "Blue Rider". It is the prettiest little house ever and now a museum. For a modest sum of 3€ we were able to tread on the same floorboards and watch the same view as some of the most famous artists ever.


Don't you want to move in there straight away? I have seen photos of the garden in summer, full of flowers bursting with colours, so I'm determined to come back!
I have the feeling that the artist Gabriele Münter might be underrated and can't wait for an exhibition of 140 paintings, some of them which have never been on show so far, that has been announced for November in my favourite gallery, the Lenbachhaus. 
This painting was definitely my favourite yesterday and for once I was able to buy a postcard. Usually my favourites are never available in the shop.


What a perfect day from start to finish! Several times I caught myself sighing with pleasure while soaking up the spring sun rays and the amazing views.