Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

#ohporto part 3

On our third day in Porto we did tourist stuff. In the morning we took the historical tram or Electrifico from the Praca da Liberdade. It`s a roundtrip and takes you to Batalha and back via the University District.
 At Batalha I was surprised by the engineering ingenuity of flexible backrests which were turned when the driver moved to the back of the car  for switching directions so that the passengers were able to stay in their seats but still look into the driving direction. Does this description make sense?

After a restoring Cafecinho we went on one of those  guided walks which are free and afterwards you give a tip . Our guide David took us on a tour of the old town, telling us all about the history of Porto, local customs and "secret" spots. The 3 hours flew by and I really enjoyed myself. 

Most of all the exclusive treat at the "Cozinha Doce", a bakery which only delivers to restaurants and cafes but has a special deal with the tour company so we were able to choose from two desserts, cake Or Nata do Ceu (cream from heaven), which is egg yolk, cream and crushed cookies. I choose the chocolate cake and it was easily the best piece of cake I ever had in my lifetime!!!!
I loved the tour and am still deciding if I want to do the afternoon one as well!