Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017

#ohporto part 4 the Douro valley

Tuesday morning found us on a train to Pinhao. We left from the beautiful Estacao Sao Bento and it only took 2 hours 45 minutes more than half way through Portugal (horizontally) to get there.

It was hot! Baking hot. Luckily we arrived just in time for lunch so we hid under a parasol and had some sandwiches watching the water of the Douro flow past.

Then we went for an hour-long cruise on the Douro, delighting in the green water and vineyards moving past slowly. What a relaxing way to spend a hot afternoon. It was only 10 € and they sold port wine.

Later we tried to find a bathing spot but couldn't
Find an accessible part of the river shore. The people of the Douro valley are probably too busy for swimming  producing that delicious wine.

On a whim we decided to visit a Quinta, a vinery and chose the Quinta Bomfim at the end of the village, aptly named "pretty end". We joined a group of Germans for a standard tour and got shown around the vinery owned by the Symington family,

After the tour we received three different Ports to taste.
They were delicious. Luckily for us there had been a mix-up and we received three special instead of standard wines. Yay!

And then it was time to grab some snacks for the journey back and head for the station. All in all I would only recommend it if you are really interested in wine because the train journey is awfully long for a 1-hour cruise. Or maybe stay for a few nights and cycle round the vineyards?