Montag, 29. Mai 2017

#ohporto part 5

Those who know me, know I`m not the biggest fan of modern art. Mainly because I suffer from "I can do this and call it art and make Millions of €". So far no one was able to explain to me what makes art art and who decides. Maybe I`ll watch out for an evening class.

So when for Wednesday the forecast predicted another scorcher I decided to join my brother visiting the "Museu de Serralves", the collection of contemporary art, purely for their aircondition.

But, I`m not too proud to admit that I enjoyed myself. I am a huge fan a modern architecture (go, figure) and loved the stark and brilliant white features of the buildings.

And some of the exhibits: 

And one of my favorites: The window, which reminded me very much of the Tate St. Ives with its huge panoramic window towards the sea!

After a quick lunch in the cafe we went outside to take a stroll around the huge grounds, a wonderful park which makes you feel like you are in the countryside. There`s a rosegarden, an abandoned tea house, a pond  and an Art Deco villa where you can get lost for hours.