Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

SUP-ing on Lake Starnberg

Last weekend, after years of wanting to try it, I finally managed to give SUP - Stand up paddling a go. 

My gym had organized a 1-hour session with the surf school at the Nordbad Tutzing on Lake Starnberg and even sorted out rides for everyone by carpooling.

I was quite anxious about how difficult it would be to stand up on the wobbly board but honestly - piece of cake! I only fell in right at the end! 

There were 15 of us and 2 guides who took us out on the lake and it was pure magic. It was a quiet, slightly overcast morning and the scenery of the alps in the not-so-far distance - breathtaking! 

Granted, it wasn't very easy to heave my belly back on the board  but with the calm instructions of the guide and a team mate stabilising the board from the other side I managed just fine.

If you ever get the chance to try it - go for it! I would recommend an introduction course to learn the basic technique.

I'm hoping to get another chance this summer and am very keen to try out the SUP in Cornwall on my holiday in September. Obviously now it's time to get a Gopro-camera!