Samstag, 26. August 2017

Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art

Recently on a rainy Saturday for which I originally had planned to learn how to ride a Vespa we had to find another form of entertainment. I scoured the internet and stumbled over this little gem:

The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art

Hidden away in a little alley in the city centre of Munich we didn't know what to expect but we loved it. The current exhibition is called: The Art of Writing.

"Visitors can expect a high quality museum program in which street and urban art build a dialogue with other genres of contemporary art. The young art form of street and urban art will be presented to visitors in a smart way with a diverse educational program through the use of lectures, film screenings and guided tours." (from the programme

I especially loved how they transformed what must once have been an old factory building or warehouse into this stunning exhibition space.

It also offers a great little restaurant called Mural:

The door to the "Ladies"!