Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

Good riddance, 2017!

Just in time to bid adieu to  2017 I'm back to share some musings about the turn of the year. As some of you might have suspected my silence here had to do with the crapness of the last few months.

Since my amazing UK trip in September life has been pretty tough in my wonky world, workwise mainly.

But now, stuck in the limbo that is Boxing Week, it's time to show some pictures of Christmas bling and to look forward to a new beginning.

flock of handmade birds


more baubles

handmade mountain

handmade fabric container

festive Christmas Eve dinner table

handmade decorations, am loving matt baubles this year

old-skool German tree

best sprouts ever (recipe from Ella Woodward)

And now, hurry up 2018! Surely it can only be amazing!