Dienstag, 6. Februar 2018

Closlieu in Cologne

This Monday I had the opportunity to join Argentinian artist and close friend of mine, Celeste Palacios, in her atelier in Cologne for a „Closlieu“ (Malspiel in German).

The „Closlieu" has been created by Arno Stern, a German-born pedagogue, now operating from Paris, and means: A space designed to stimulate and protect the emergence of Formulation. 

After completing the training at the Research Institute for the Semiology of Expression Celeste opened her atelier for „Closlieu“ and other art workshops.

At the „Closlieu" groups of up to 10 people of any age are coming together in a closed room to play. The painter dons a smock, attaches a piece of paper to a wall and gets started. The colors are lined up on a special contraption and for each color there’s a handmade brush of squirrel hair. 

The result of the play stays at the „Closlieu" and is not to be regarded or judged by others.

I found the concept of the „Closlieu" intriguing but hard to grasp. As an adult who has been subjected to being taught how to paint or draw, being judged and criticized all my life and is now needing  approval of others, the concept of creating just for myself is foreign but strangely liberating.

Celeste is offering „Closlieu" for children and adults, birthday parties for children and art workshops.

Check out her homepage here: