Montag, 5. Februar 2018

The Kolumba - The best museum ever!

The last few days I spent visiting folks in Cologne who recommended the Kolumba Museum, the museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne,  to me.

What an amazing place! The stunning marriage of old and new architecture and exhibit left me astonished.

Unusual features like rooms with different ceiling heights, some a normal approx. 3 meters, some approx. 10 meters high. The walls stark and bare concrete but in a warm, earthen tone. The exhibits an exciting mix of old and new paintings, sculptures, installations, relics and even a mosaic from the 3rd century.

Go, see this museum and let yourself be inspired!!

clever lighting

very high ceiling

asymetrical rooms
Two-tailed Whale by Paul Thek

3rd century mosaic

ruins of the original church St. Kolumba, destroyed in the 2nd World War