Samstag, 24. März 2018

Winter Shenanigans

Last weekend I joined three friends for a Yoga and Snowshoe weekend in the Ammergau Alps organized by Chiara and Jürgen from Traveling Yoga.

We arrived on Friday afternoon in the little village of Altenau to check into the Dorfwirt, a charming inn, old-skool but freshly renovated.

It's a great place with comfortable cosy yet modern rooms, the only drawback was its proximity to the village church, with the bell tolling all night long. 

Before dinner we had our first yoga session to start off into the weekend.

Before breakfast we met up for another yoga practice.

As the reports of snow conditions weren't great for Saturday it was decided to go hiking along fields and through the forrest to the Ammer Gorge.

We stopped for a hearty lunch and returned to the inn at 3pm, ready for a long siesta. We regrouped two hours later for a two-hour yoga-session while outside it finally started to snow.

On Sunday morning we left early to take the train to Unterammergau  and walked up to the edge of town where we donned our snowshoes. Once we headed up into the snow-covered forrest I realized straight away that I had overestimated my fitness again. That happens quite regularly and I should know better but as I don't want to miss out on any adventures I ignore the warning voices inside my head.

In the end it was well worth it. After a two hour climb our group of twelve split up into the ambitious and the relaxed. The relaxed four walked along a hardly visible level path for an hour whereas the ambitious group aimed for the summit of the Pürschling.

The snow blanket looked so soft and pillowy like straight from the Mother Hulda fairy tale (Frau Holle). The scenery was breathtaking. It was completely undisturbed and we were lucky that our guide Chiara new exactly where we were heading. She spurred us on so that we wouldn't get cold after the sweaty uphill climb.

Just before we reached the ski hut we had to wade through waist-high snow which was pretty hard going and  I slipped and slid downhill on my bottom. While struggling to get upright I fell forward on my face. What fun!

We had a quick lunch and then scrambled back downhill into Oberammergau to catch our train back to Altenau for a hot shower and coffee. 

What a weekend. Packed full of relaxing yoga, amazing scenery, sunshine, snow, good talks and good food. I can't wait for my next yoga retreat with Chiara and Jürgen!